SoundCore Spirit


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Soundcore Spirit

Hardcore SweatGuard Protection and a Secure Fit for Exhilarating Workouts.

Better Than IPX

Even the highest IPX-ratings are simply not enough to defend against the corrosive power of sweat. Spirit implements a submarine-inspired structure and impermeable hydro-seal to create an impervious barrier around the sensitive internal components.

Long-Lasting Endurance

Spirit is engineered with a premium Li-ion battery and exclusive power management technology. This ultra-efficient combination powers up to 8 hours’ of non-stop music for a week’s worth of workouts.


Audio will pause briefly and a ‘beep’ tone will sound to indicate low battery.

For the best sound performance, select the EarTips that best fit the size of your ears.


If you want to recharge these earbuds after exercising, please follow these steps:

Open the port cover and shake to remove any sweat from inside the USB port.

Wipe the USB charging port dry with a cotton cloth.

Charge with a 5V certified charger and cable.

Make sure the port cover is fully closed after charging.

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