Baseus 2 in 1 Silicone Gel Pad Mobile Phone Holder with USB Earphone Cable Winder Cord Organizer for Car Home Office


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Premium Nanotechnology lifestyle gel pad to strongly hold mobile phones, tablets, GPS navigators, Bluetooth speakers, and other small gadgets and objects. This holder comes with strong adhesive to stick anywhere you want. Easy to stick the gadgets and take out with no residue on the gadget. Use the holder in your car, desk, table, kitchen or gym to hold the mobile and as winder to neatly organize the USB and earphone headset cables. This holder is small and intuitive with strong adhesive on both sides. When the adhesion decreases in one side, take out the pad, wash it with clean water. The pad will regain the adhesion to hold the gadgets strongly. Gadgets can be placed both horizontally and vertically. Do not vertically stick heavy objects for long durations.

  • HOLD ANYTHING: Strong Nano Magic Technology Adhesive, mount anywhere mobile phone, small gadgets holder, cable winder for Apple X, Samsung S9 Plus, S9, One Plus 6 or any mobile phone, tablet or other gadgets. Easy to hold and take out the phone without residue. Mount in car dashboard, rough surface, mirror, glass or tiles.
  • MODERN LIFESTYLE DESIGN: Designed for modern living. Stick it in your car dashboard, steering wheel, windshield, living room desk, table, gym or kitchen for hands free calls, navigation and watching videos. Organise mobile phones, electronic gadgets and usb and earphone cables. Small elegant portable no residue silicone gel pad.
  • GADGETS HOLDER CUM CABLE ORGANISER: 2 in 1 usage. Use it as mobile phone holder or as cable winder to neatly organise your cable.
  • STRONG VISCOSITY AND ADHESION: Strongly holds the objects. Holds glass cups. Non magnetic, strong nano self adhesive physical paste. No residue or display distortion after use.
  • REUSABLE: Recover the stickiness by washing in clean water and use it again for long time. Recover the same strong Stickiness

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